Monday, November 30, 2009

Libra Prediction

Astromirror and Astrology Libra Prediction (Sep.23 - Oct.22)
Starscope : Jump out of the box, pal! The more open minded you are, the easier it will be to spot good ideas when they come along now.

Starbucks : If you are flush with money, it's time for you to think of other people who are in need. Sharing will make you happy as well as others.

Starstruck : Your relationship has become even more important to you than before. Just remember not to forget to spend too much time together.

Virgo Prediction

Astromirror and Virgo Prediction (Aug.23 - Sep.22)
Starscope : When was the last time you paid attention to your health? Don't ignore small symptoms of illness. Take a rest and take some vitamins, too.

Starbucks : If you think you are short of bucks, it means that you haven't been able to manage your cash effectively. Try harder !

Starstruck : You want the best but will need to catch your breath to ensure that the goal of communicating between the two of you is realistic and achievable.

Leo Prediction

Astromirror and Leo prediction (Jul.23 - Aug.22)
Starscope : Some friends come and go, some may stay for a while, but when they go, they leave footprints in our heart, which will never be the same

Starbucks : Last minute shopping is good for you, since you won't be tempted to buy more than what you need. Just don't forget to make a shopping list first.

Starstruck : Is this person's smile hint for you?
or is it just friendly gesture? Have fun finding the answer!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Cancer Prediction

Astromirror and Cancer Prediction (Jun.21 - Jul.22)
Starscope : Your blue days soon will be over. Let bygones be bygones, yet you learned your lesson, Right ?

Starbucks : If you have been careless with your cash lately, now is your chance to get your act together. If you need advice from your parents, don't be afraid to ask, Okay !!

Starstruck : It is going to be tough for you to concentrate on anything other than that person you have been fantasizing about.

Gemini Prediction

Astromirror and Gemini Prediction (may 21 - Jun.20)
Starscope : If you don't ask, you stand little chance of getting it. Putting your desires into words will have a remarkable effect, so speak up!

Starbucks : No need to complain, mate. You're not really loaded, but you still have enough bucks to keep you going.

Starstruck : Hmm, it looks like your effort has paid off. This person starts eyeing you, too.
What's next?

Taurus Prediction

Astromirror and Taurus Prediction (Apr.20 - May 20)
Starscope : Your heart is filled with joy. It definitely shows in your smiling eyes. Yes, after all the hard work you've done, now you can reap what you showed. Chill out, but don't forget to thank God for His help throughout.

Starbucks : In the mood for frittering all your bucks? Though it's not recommended, you can do it once in a while - especially on your special day. Share your joy with your beloved family and friends!

Starstruck : Give someone a second chance, because you're in a very forgiving and understanding mood. What's more, you hope she/he will do the same for you.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Aries Prediction

Astromirror and Aries Prediction (Mar.21 - Apr.19)
Starscope : A person like you shouldn't drown in a sea of problems. You actually know what to do to get yourself out of trouble.

Starbucks : Keep a tight reign on your wallet, pal. Unexpected expenses can do a lot of damage to your finance department.

Starstruck : You really pulled out all the stops here! Was it really worth it?
Don't you have better things to do and to think about?

Friday, November 20, 2009

Pisces Prediction

Astromirror and Pisces prediction (Feb.19 - Mar.20)
Starscope : You are always learning something new and it doesn't have to be in a classroom, either. All you need to do is to keep an open mind and get ready to soak up that new information.

Starbucks : As of today, your finances need careful attention, particularly if you've been recently ignoring them.

Starstruck : You have the gift of saying the right thing at the right time, especially when you're trying to keep someone sweet. Go knock yourself out!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Aquarius Prediction

Astromirror and Aquarius prediction (Jan.20 - Feb.18)
Starscope : Well, OK, you're tired of studying, right? Take a break for a moment. Reading a book or watching a funny movie may perk you up again.

Starbucks : There's no such thing as a free lunch.
If you want some extra bucks, try to be creative!!

Starstruck : Sobbing like a cry baby! No way!
You know this person that breaks your heart actually doesn't deserve you. You're way better than her/him!

Capricorn Prediction

Astromirror and Prediction Capricorn (Dec.22 - Jan.19)
Starscope : So you must now be prepared to spend less time playing and more time working!

Starbucks : Judging by the big grin you're wearing all the time, you must be loaded.
That's great. Don't forget to save some for a rain day.

Starstruck : Still thinking about the past?
Move on, mate. Your life isn't over yet and lost of opportunities may still be knocking at your door.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sagittarius Prediction

Astromirror and Sagittarius Prediction (Nov.22 - Dec.21)
Starscope : Hey, don't just think about yourself! Try to make time for family and friends because they are great company and they might also give you lots to think about.

Starbucks : When you need extra bucks, you need to be creative. Find some useful things around your house that you can turn into money!

Starstruck : Sometimes you can depend on your intuition. Follow your heart and see where it leads you. You do know what to believe.

Scorpio Prediction

Astromirror and Scorpio Prediction (Oct.23 - Nov.21)
Starscope : Don't be quick to jump to conclusions, or to judge other people, because the situation may not be nearly as clear-cut and simple as you first thought.

Starbucks : When you want to buy something, make sure that you really need it. Else, you just spend your bucks for nothing.

Starstruck : No need to rush things. Everything follows its own course. Have patience, buddy, your moment shall arrive.

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