Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Were you born under the sign of Aquarius. What a caring and generous person you are. And did you know that in reality is an age of Aquarius. It was not just a concept in the music of composer's hair. Just as there are different signs of the zodiac as the epochs of human history is divided into segments of two thousand years of the great year call. We just left the Age of Pisces, which began in early Christian times until 2000. There was a time of oil changes in policy and administration features. Fish, of course, is the sign of Pisces, the symbol of Christianity.

We are now in the Age of Aquarius, but only at the threshold of the latter, as the song says. All features wonderful, generous water companies are not a symbol of the entire human race again, as evidenced by the current crisis in the Middle East. But there are signs. Consider the random acts of kindness. Perhaps they were a harbinger of the Age of Aquarius.

If you are an Aquarius, so they had between January 20 and February 18 was born. You are a humanist and smarter than most of the data and ideas of how to make the world a better place. Can be imaginative and original, and who love freedom. You are generous with their thoughts, if people are interested or not! Can be eccentric and strange, and require much space, but his heart is almost always in the right place.

Who is the ideal partner for the aquarium very smart and eccentric. Someone who can appreciate the generous qualities and share their beliefs. Someone who is willing to explore and grow with them. An Aquarium will be happier with someone who has an open mind, the warm and understanding and is ready to help. While this may be the ideal solution for all, is particularly important for an aquarium to a partner to share the passion for creating a better world, and his generous nature.

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