Sunday, June 26, 2011

Strawberries has Benefit can Prevent Aging and Avoid Cancer

[caption id="attachment_344" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Strawberries"][/caption]Strawberries have red color and beautiful shape and the sour taste of fresh. Strawberries also has the benefit can prevent aging and avoid cancer. A study reported that consumption of strawberries helps increase levels of antioxidants in the blood.

As quoted by the Daily Mail website, the high levels of antioxidants in strawberries has been found to be useful to combat the effects of oxidative stress,

Strawberries Benefit

Most Expensive Whiskey in the World

[caption id="attachment_340" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Whiskey"][/caption]If you connoisseur of whiskey, sipped a glass of expensive whiskey in the world can be a rare experience that is not experienced by everyone. Yeah ... this is very expensive for drink one glass beverage.

Manufacturers famous whiskey, Royal Salute launched luxurious whiskey 'Tribute to Honour'. Luxury whiskey is made only as many as 21 bottles. One bottle costs $ 200 thousand.

This expensive whiskey

Expensive Whiskey

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sky Park in Hotel Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Dining in Restaurant has become the lifestyle. Not just relying on the sense of taste, but also needs to support an atmosphere that could spoil the sense of sight. The combination of flavors and ambience that is what later became the weapon Ku De Ta sky bar to attract visitors who want to enjoy a new challenge in Singapore.

Perched at the Sky Park, the top floor of Hotel Marina Bay Sands. Through the hotel elevator, visitors only need to press the button that leads the floor 57 without

SKy Park in Singapore

Strange Plants in the World

From the strange plants in the world, many plants need meat .. like insects meat, and they are carnivorous plants. All carnivorous plants are found in areas where the soil has very little nutrients. These interesting plants are categorized as carnivores because they make traps insects and arthropods, produce digestive juices, dissolving the prey, and most, of their nutrition from this process. First book about strange plants or carnivores plant written by Charles Darwin, in 1875, "Insectivorous

Health Lifestyle

Friday, June 24, 2011

Healthy Life Begin at Age of 45 years

Latest studies have found that people will begin to a healthy lifestyle at the age of 45 years. These findings reinforce the popular phrase 'life begins at 40 age'.

According to research, at this age people start to limit the number and frequency of drinking alcoholic beverages. At this age anyway, people will begin to reduce the consumption of processed foods. Meanwhile, more than eight in 10 people eat the recommended five servings of vegetables every day.

Quoted from the Daily Express,

Healthy Lifestyle

Thursday, June 23, 2011

List Exciting Condom

People seen if the condom one of the least sexy activity. Its presence sometimes makes couples enjoy, not to mention concerns torn in the middle of copulation.

Find condoms that fit and allows us to feel the pleasure of activities is a challenge. But do not trigger despair, because the condom market is now getting wise and colorful. Some brands of condoms (unfortunately, still circulated abroad) will present exciting experience.

This list exciting Condoms, as quoted by The Stir:

List Condoms

Heidi Montag Exercise 14 Hours Every Day

People probably considered that Heidi Montag had a sexy body. Heidi said the training hard and regularly exercise to maintain her body.

Daily of Heidi Montag is a workout at the gym such as lifting weights and running. Over the past two months, she was even working out from 5:00 to 19:00 am just for a pool party she had to go every week.

"I've practiced very hard because I had to go to a pool party and I always thought, I have to keep the body," she told to U.S. Weekly.

Heidi Montag

Heidi Montag Exercise

Lady Gaga visit to Japan with Green Fashion Appearance

Lady Gaga is phenomenal singer and often make sense. Whether through behavior to fashion wear, miners "Born This Way" is always sensational. This time, Lady Gaga appearing green fashion in Japan.

Singer famous through the song "Poker Face" is indeed never bored presents something new for the fans.

Lady Gaga used to be creative in her crown, ranging from hair decorated with shoes, hair ribbon-shaped, magnificent hair like the sun, until the phone-shaped wig ever tried. This time, Gaga

Lady Gaga Fashion

Monday, June 13, 2011

Body Building Supplements

A body-building supplements are those forms of supplements are recommended for a body-builder to provide sufficient strength to his muscles to lift several pounds.

Available at the gym and help them address weaknesses unnecessary muscles, joints and bones of the body because joints and muscles are two important factors in the body to prepare and add personality to the outside world into the intake, an appropriate amount Wonder work for a long-term exercise regiment.

Add strength training

Body Building Supplements

Lift Brow Operation

A surgical treatment or procedure is what implies about the commonly referred symptoms forming as frown lines; low sagging of the brow or even repositioning criteria. For a specific cosmetic brow lift surgical procedure choosing of a right surgeon becomes the need of an hour or else even in certain cases the cases of surgeries spoiled enormously to have destroyed the soft and subtle beauty of an individual.

A bothered expressions due to unusual lines and other signs of aging difficulties

Lift Brow Operation

Supplement to Weight Lifting

To improve their position by strengthening the body muscles to specify what they want easier and more efficient to rely on. As criteria for body-building strength and courage excessive demands to lift weights every time the constructor is exposed to dietary intake

suggested by many nutritionists and health experts becomes mandatory to consume for letting proteins and vitamins reach the body organs as are left unattended if proper natural food diet isn’t maintained. The weight-lifting

Supplement to Weight Lifting

Internet Can Prevent Senile

This is good news for the netters and bloggers in general as well as for the aged (elderly) in particular.

Due to access the Internet, we can not only find information but to surf in this virtual world, can help to improve and train brain functions.

And this, especially for the elderly, to prevent senility (dementia), which often threatens the elderly, because with the Internet access means we've done or involve the brain in an activity that is quite complicated so that brain function can

Internet Can Prevent senile

Back Pain at Wake Up, Why ?

Lots of complaints of back pain experienced by the patient and the complaint is increasingly feel pain or become heavy on walking.

Did you ever feel the same? These complaints are most often felt by older people, but there are also teenagers and young adults who complained about this.

Actually, most back pain caused by muscle pain and other causes that may own the spine, nerves or the presence of infection and so forth.

So back to it consisting of the spine or backbone and back muscles

Back Pain at Wake Up, Why ?

Head Pain When riding Aircraft

If we want to travel by planes, would have imagined how it feels when it is in space. Well, what if the plane when we actually feel uncomfortable because we felt ears and head hurt so badly even the head feels like going to explode?

Is this situation normal? This is called Occlusion Tubal or a blockage in the fallopian tubes in the ears. Tuba eustachius / Eusthacian tube is a channel that starts from the middle ear and ended up behind the nose or base of the throat area. This channel serves

Healthy Information

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Male Sexual Desire not Influenced by Age

A study revealed thar age does not affect men’s sexual desire. No wonder that the Play Boy magazine boss Hugh Hefner who is currently 85 year old married a 24-year-old model, Crystal Harris, some time ago.

A theory that developed is that as we age, male hormone testosterone decreases, causing reduced libido, which in turn affect health.

However, according to a study conducted by the University of Sydney, Australia, testosterone will not decrease, except if the general health conditions

Age not Affect Desire

Swimming can Lose Your Weight

There are many ways to lose weight. But one thing for sure is that you should exercise. If you do not like sweating, swimming would be the right choice for you.

Usually, when starting the exercise, most people tend to want to lose weight. The body gets a new challenge and with your maximum effort, more calories are burned.

But over time, the body adjusts to the condition so that are calories are less than before. According to Healthmeup, from this perspective in the early stages of

Lose Weight by Swimming

Frog Skin Become a Cancer Drug

Frog is still rarely used as a drug and is often consumed as food. But researchers found that frog skin can be a drug for 70 major diseases including cancer.

Scientists from Queen’s University Belfast has won a award for their study of frog skin that can become drugs for 70 major diseases. The researchers won the Medical Futures Innovation Awards in London on June 6, 2011.

The study led by Professor Chris Shaw from Queen’s School of Pharmacy has identified two types of proteins that

Frog Become Cancer Drug

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Brain impulse makes quit identified

Scientists claim to have found the brain impulse which makes us all quit in the end -- in fact, they have also pinpointed the precise part of the brain which tells you when that time has arrived.

A team at Duke University says that the impulse which told ancient foragers to give up on one pasture and move on to more fertile hunting grounds is the same as that which urges people to try a different internet site if our initial choice is taking too long to appear on screen.

The scientists

Healthy Information

Alternatives to Antibiotics

With more and more pathogens becoming immune to antibiotics, researchers are identifying alternatives to treat many frequently occurring infections.

Figures released by the World Health Organisation (WHO) show that in 2010, nearly half-a-million people were infected with a strain of tuberculosis (TB) which is resistant to many antibiotics. As a result, one-third of those infected died.

The WHO attributes the growing spread of resistant pathogens (micro-organisms that cause diseases) to

Healthy Information

Swine flu spread wider than suspected

The swine flu outbreak during the winter of 2009-2010 was much more wide spread than previously realized, a study says.

Blood samples taken from Scottish adults in March last year at the end of the H1N1 flu season showed that almost half were carrying antibodies to the virus. Antibodies are either produced by the body or injected through vaccines when the body is exposed to pathogens.

Most of the 44 percent who tested positive had contracted swine flu, although some had acquired

Healthy Information

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